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Under the Sidewalks on Creepy Street:

“You never know whom you might meet when you
work at a place called One Creepy Street!”

Big Troll

Lee JordanOne of the ditch digging trolls – Lee Jordan is a devoted father and active child advocate. “I was horrified when I watched my teenage daughter sit behind the wheel of the car and try to read a text immediately after receiving her driving permit. I started to wonder what I could do to help all the kids out there that are facing a tough world of techno marvels. I was lucky enough to find other people who wanted to help our kids, and the One Creepy Street Series was born.”


The big dog policeman - Michael Wilson is a Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Certified Special Crimes Investigator. “I was drawn to this project after reading Annicas Broom. I realized we (the ICAC Task Force) didn’t have a 'Smokey the Bear or a McGruff the Crime Dog'. We needed a way to connect with the kids and parents and Annica and her Creepy Street friends seemed like a perfect match. So I approached the author about writing a story for us, and The Spider On The Web got started."


Donna PetersThe Three-Eyed Cat - Donna Peters is a National Board Certified Teacher and holds a Masters Degree in Language, Literature, and Reading. “The author approached me about editing his children’s book, Annicas Broom, and I was struck by the message. It wasn’t a typical children’s book, but really seemed to capture the difficulties our children face today. When he told me about the concept of the whole One Creepy Street Series and The Spider On The Web, I was hooked. Anything that helps our children is good by me!”

The Night Crawlers - Eric Rycus and Al Burton
Eric RycusEric (Ric) Rycus is the Lead Agent for the One Creepy Street Series. “I’ve known the author for 25 years and though we kept in touch, there was never a moment when we could really work together on a project. Lee contacted me with this idea about helping children through a series of books and a website, and I had to be a part of it. I know the pitfalls and tricks from working for a private investigation firm and having the normal challenges with my own children. There are so many dangers out there these days that I wanted to help protect young children as well as my grandchildren. Signing on with this project was a no-brainer.”



Al BurtonAl Burton is the Media Director for the One Creepy Street Series. " I have known Eric Rycus for the past 21 years and have collaborated on several projects with him. This, however, is the most exciting. The One Creepy Street project combines my 20 years of motion picture experience with my duties as a father, raising 2 girls and trying to make a difference in their world.  I have worked on projects ranging from Iron Man to The Avengers and can honestly say that the One Creepy Street Series is among the most exciting!"